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Friday, March 5, 2010

Chart talk

Now that I managed a nap after a long week. SLIM BEAR PICKINGS! we are honestly still looking for an inside day, Then some follow through. THAT IS WHEN WE GET AGGRESSIVE.

All I can say, The only Bearish thing I have is:
  • and THAT THE OBVIOUS THING IS FOR US TO DO THE BREAKOUT REVERSAL ON THE OLD HIGHS... JUST LIKE EVERY time.(and being some kind of contarian... because personally, i'm sure this is what is going to happen... so fucking sure... i had to be short at the close)

'Coiled like a spring, maria!' (Maria(Who I have Renamed Snookey BTW)... I'll show you a Coiled Spring..... IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. (I have to let Tony have Trish, and he still doesn't get my Little house on the Prairie thing with Melisssa F, and there is this Cleft Palette thing I cant get over with Mellisa Lee, I mean; I can hear it, and see, that the lip reconstruction was good, but not that good. ))

'breakout, in the news', they have been wet about this ..."Range" for a week... I mean... COME ON!!!

'massive V recovery'

Bears are headscratching. Even doug Kass, who I assumed would be on my side at the close, was ... wishing his dick was smaller... which is a ROCKING good Indicator. He was even short Bonds and got sideways with them.

I honestly don't think one person has the balls to be short. Which was why I had to have some shorts on at the close. I wanted to play some kind of short term reversal twice today, and she wouldn't give an inch, though I managed 50% today. Meaning (2 wins, 2 losses. 2 let's pretend that didn't happen.)The wins were basically playing back to the Linda Buys. AND ENDING ON THE HIGHS, IS JUST LIKE ENDING ON THE LOWS, IT'S AN AUTO BUY or sell depending on the case.

it's a good; read the paper weekend, and mom and pop put their money to work on monday top.

Honestly, i think there is a pullback on sentiment alone here, but then new highs shortly after, then we can have both bullish sentiment and technicals. Because technically, I have nothing but hope, but it feels like one of those Bottom falls out, just to trap them AGAIN!!! trades. Sort of a Vic 2 B on this high, after a Pull Back.

EVEN BEST CASE... that this is "Near a Top", it still needs to grind for about 4 more bars.

There is always tomorrow

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Tony said...

What DSI? I wish you would publish it once a day. WTF am I getting for my subscription fee anyway???!!!!

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