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Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Notes

... I have no idea where you ..... Sit .... Dear Blog...

My second Training Block of the year, just ended. Each Block ends with me pushing my body as hard as I can, and it wipes me out for much longer than I would prefer.

I'm just recovering...

It sounds like the Siren call is still fairly loud.

One may hope for another bounce to get short.

A more normal thing is for the market to drop another leg... Make you chase it, then it will bounce on you, and make you Sweat.

But if you are lucky, we will get some kind of Flag to sell.

Doug Kass is hoping for that, he is hard to fade.. but not impossible.

I haven't checked futures.... Healthcare debate...

I honestly think it's "Much Ado About nothing"

Both sides have blown it up into something it's not....

It's very dramatic... and more about them, and not about you.

If you want a real take away from the politics... of it... I think that is it...

Somehow Politics has become so self-involved... it's more about them, than about the people.

This doesn't validate, whatever the current opinion poll is.

What I'm saying is They need to Wake up! realize they are trying to help the people, and improve our lives.

There are so many things that they could do, that are Free! that would improve our lives.

but those things... Tend to hurt their Fundraising...

This is what you get, who knows what I'll do between now and the morning bell.

but I doubt I'll change my opinion. It's hard to know what to do after that big down day.

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