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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Load into EEM.... aparently

Anyone get the Impression that Jordan Kotic has this slot, because his name rhymes.

His thesis is one of Breadth:
12% of "International stocks" are at New highs,
14% within 1% of new highs
58% within 5% of new highs.

Tony was making fun of T.A. Today.
You see, one can make another case; that good Breadth would be that when the U.S. is even with the new highs, the "International Breadth" and that Breadth being good, 58% should be within 1%.

Otherwise, it's weakening breadth. Jordan makes the case that "It's a coilded spring" of breadth, since any moment, they will catch up....

Problem is, they will still be Lagging U.S. Markets.

The other funny thing was as the market closed, My new Favorite, Simon drew parallels between Emerging markets and the nazdaq bubble at the close....

I guess he didn't watch the Tick By tick


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