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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good morning

I'm going to try not to complain, I had a very nice workout yesterday, my whole body is fatigued... Like I keep saying, Either I have to be healthy, or this shit has to give way.

I've been looking at charts. I have some EWT counts, that get us to "Some Kind of top"... but we don't have many of the divergences that I would like to see. I need to keep looking at charts and think about them. We have EWT count, and that resolving wedge.

What I'm saying is, we want to keep an eye on it, and see if it runs out of MoMo, over the next few days.

They seem fairly excited... FINALLY... I'm not sure they are "Dancing".. that may be for Thursday.

but Yipeeeeee.. More CNBC for me.

I hear they are credible

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