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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here it is again

It was good stuff this morning... unless you can't read this.

I had that nasty feeling, that we would Bounce back and forth after the sell off.

I want to say it's acting like a consolidation... and many times that resolves up. (Or down).... I'm just playing... it's sort of a consolidation in an uptrend. could easily resolve up.
Action wise.... they want to grind it... But I will point out. if this is a failed swing... Failed moves Fast moves.

Deal with uncertainty... Accept it.

Last time it was "Sell Earnings"... it might make sense to have Peaked and Grind Into Earnings, or Sell slightly... Nervously into it.

I'm trying to get shit done... and Everyone who reads this will think it's about them...

I'm in this "Emotional Vampire thing"... if it hasn't been clear, that I've been irritable about blog readers. So, Just about everybody, at this point... seems to want some mothering of some sort....
and that is sort of a "Pay Per Click" sort of thing... it just goes to the highest bidder.

and everybody reading this, might think this is about them.
I'm a Very Big Boy.
My time is my own, and the time I invest in this blog... or other things...
Is mine... and mine to spend as I choose. So, it's my fault if it's become a little too much for me right now.

I need to Refill my Soda Can.

As this Charming Young Woman said to me, at one point... "You have to fill your Soda Can and keep people from taking it from you and just drinking it all..... and I don't even like Soda(she was funny like this.)

Either that or my blood sugar is low..... LOL (Cause I'm funny like that.)

Sentiment wise.... I just have these huge lists of bears at this point... This has me Very Creped out... and is a good reason to be cautious....
Which is tough and time I'm not sure I have.

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