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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hannity is under attack

... I'm surprised there actually seem to be some "Real Patriots" on the right. Who have decided to stand up to what is just an attempt for Hannity to increase his Brand, and Create a "PR" stunt for himself.

In what seems to be just a Marketing campaign and not a charity.

I'm not going to sit on a Saturday, and go through the balance sheets. And the math from the original source is just ... bad... I can't figure out if the charity is giving 5% or 40% of the money collected to the intended Veterans and their families. Maybe Year to year, its just a huge spread. But giving someone $200 to help pay some bills.... Seems.... Like pocket change. It would be better to see the money go to the VA.... don't you think?

Maybe he could buy one red rose for every Fatality, and have it delivered at the funeral.

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