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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am not looking forward to the finally of my second training block

... This weekend I need to finish my second training block of the year, It hasn't been an easy one, and not because of training, but because of..... You know... Life!!!

I needed to carb load a bit last night, and was too tired. I tried... I had some toast, and went to bed, I'll check the weather later, and have some pancakes.

I wake up, shaking... like a cold chill, sort of a cold sweat at 3am... Ok it was 4am this morning. I fall asleep at 7pm btw... I'm just saying, I'm an exciting person.

But it's best for me to do a big ride on saturday, and clear my head.

Ugh high of 47 today... 57 tomorrow....

I've done some great things to turn myself into a superhero. after a couple months, it's been good. more work to do... and my Cardio Vascular system hurts... That is always fun..

Ok... Back to bed... contemplate what a bad boy I have been.

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