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Thursday, March 25, 2010


I had to pull some off at the close... to keep the bills paid.... And because I work my ass off, and have to make money as I make it.

But for the most part... This looks Grim. Like a fool... I didn't take many of my day trades off.... They were Too "In the Money"

I'm curious what MEME's we are running
  • I heard something about bill gross and healthcare and deficits
  • Things seemed to revolve around treasuries.
  • Something about the ECB and Trichet and Greece
  • Trish was on MSNBC talking about Dollar Armageddon, because of... You guessed it Bearish Treasuries... I picked them up because I figured... it's low Beta, and it feels like the "Be Massively short Treasuries" MEME. She has been smoking the Shit Coming out of Kudlow's ass for too long.... But yes, higher rates are bad.... Now I would think we could price that in... or would have by now.... but you know that crazy market.
I was joking with tony about knowing anything about Economics. It seems like as much a hindrance, in the market, as it is in any shell game..... LOL.... and you don't exactly argue Fundamentals from the guys running the 3 card Monty.

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