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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

this one is classic

I'm a huge fan of the Nigerian 419 scams.

I got this email today.... Who is he kidding:

The scam victim
This is to let you know that all of you who have lost money to Scammer in Africa and Usa I let you know that there is a quick opportunity for you all mostly lottery. My name is FBI Brad Martins I assure you that I will do all I can to get it back to you in 3 days, This is A opportunity to get your money back I believe what scam means. I work for the global scam Fisher in CA 93535.we have all global scam computer to trace all Scammers name and location. Pls hurry reply back to us because we just caught a scammer now and we found the sum of 5 million dollars with him. This mean your money will be refund back to you.... my private email is

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