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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Over it!!

I'm sort of over it today...

enough with Healthcare yesterday, Enough with "The Market"..

there is a pile of projects on my desk.

I'm finally feeling recovered, and it's time to ... trudge on

There was conversation about the "Trading" Matching the "Narative"

Here is a great example:

Health care bill passes, but market shrugs it off

Health care bill passes, but market shrugs it of
This poor lost market soul, thought that the Passage of the bill should have "Done something", there was a Narrative in their head, that "Should have happened".... since it didn't "Market Shrugs it off".

One could have said:
"Market reacts positively to health Care Bill"...
" Market Enthusiastic about Health care bill. "
one could say
"Market continues to love all things OBAMA"

There are a thousand narratives you could have to explain the price action.... What you choose to believe... is more your own psychology than anything else.

Now ME!!! I think there is Price Action, and then they try and Explain it.
Since most of the market is Right wing narcissist, you get... a right wing Narcissist Narrative.

and they are all wrong.... there is just the price action...

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