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Monday, March 22, 2010

Morning Joe

BTW Morning Joe is twice the show Squawk Box is. If I do watch in the morning, I know exactly the Bullshit Squawk is full of....


of course the last 13 months of bounce, they get no credit for....

It's a lode of crap... and if you believe the market moves for these reasons... this is why you are losing money.

Joe Scarborough is full of Crocodile Tears this morning. It's the full Sour Grapes Routine. I sometimes like to remark on people's maturity... he is acting like he is 18 years old. 50 year old man, they put him on TV to act like a child.....
Great example for the rest of the country.

I said it last night, i think it all much ado about nothing, Like watching a poker game where 2 people have gone "All In" on a pair of 7's and a Pair of 6's.... It scares you.

This is why there are problems.
I like to see them fight on the floor of congress, like they are 12 year olds. It's good to let america see, what kind of people they elected. One of these days we will smarten up and realize what idiots we elect.

I will say the response on the great.... 100 IQ meter.... Twitter. They were very positive. I was curious of the Tea-Baggers would be louder than people responding positively...

of course it's still "much Ado"

I did like to see Joe Scarbourough, Have a Hissy fit about it.. If he had acted like a mature adult, I would have worried more.


Tony said...

Why would we start electing smart people now? The system seems to thrive on stupidity. It's like Nancy took a dump and thinks she has new born baby.

Eric said...

Give it 15 years,

I hope you are having a nice trip.

I was too tired to sit around and watch last night, it sounded like a huge drama.

job said...
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