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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That is the Last time I trade with Joe Teranova!!!

It was all fine, things were going great, Then OLD JOE comes out and calls the Double top. I also saw some other places doing exactly the same thing. Like I said, the technicals seem to have turned, but the problem is Too Many People Know it.

So now!!! old Joe TeraNova gets a red hot poker up his ass. We have a sort of contraction. I'd also like to point out, that we do keep testing out that uptrend line in white... "more times tested, more likely to break." I would say that the standard thing would be for this to breaking to the downside.....

But it seems like Sentiment wise.... We need to shove it up Old Joe's Ass... so I threw out the targets of the sort of Ascending we have there.... Technicals say one thing, and sentiment suggests a small little breakout to the upside still.... just to make them Sweat.

You fucked it, you Ignorant Schmuck... havn't you ever heard of Heisenberg!!!!! You have Killed Schrodinger's Cat(ok, this reference is sort of a stretch, though I can say that if I'm talking about both my models, one breaking up, one breaking down.... It's the Cat.The problem with my reference is that the observer, doesn't Kill the cat.)

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