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Friday, March 12, 2010


of course, I couldn't completely, stay away.

Like I said, the back end of the cycle needed to "Blow it's Load".. It was also interesting that oil etc... was running with them today... that was either; Strange or something I hadn't noticed, yet.

In the middle of yesterday, we were running the "Bermuda Triangle" as Ms. SmartyPants Teresa Lo calls it. and instead of my "Schrodinger's cat"... The market decided to "Split the difference", and we got a Hybrid of my 2 models.... and I saw the target.

Now your Sentiment Horror Show is here As the ... ubiquitous Trader Feed... Decided to "Call It"

we will see how it closes, we still have a chance for some kind of Inside day on monday.

But overall, we will see how it trades from here until monday, to see if it's time to get Aggressive with it.

Again, it's Pray or Puke above the "Breakout"... and then there are the other levels...

There were a ton of People "Waiting on the Breakout"..... I would hope that once it gave them their joy... they got out....

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