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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sentiment update

I'm working, this morning.... I can't say they are "dancing" this morning. It's hard to say, as busy as I am..

but Tony Pulled out the Full Nazdaq book.... The whole PTSD Time warner AOL merger.... it was the whole bit. I continue to worry that my inability to hear the Siren song.... I just don't get it...

but it is your game....

we will see if the positive sentiment just gets the market to muddle or if we can get some kind of short term correction out of this. I'm still talking a most probable Swing high on Friday or monday...

There are quite a few ticks from now until then.

I've said there is a ton of "never correct" again Sentiment, and, the last short term correction was $1.30 on the spy, rule of thumb is that large or more, for the next one...

When they get euphoric... we should see the big upside targets.

I'm keeping an eye on treasuries and the dollar, trying to keep an eye on how the correlations are working, or breaking down... it feels kind of "Confused"....

Good tops are made on Denial of the real correlation... IE... Dollar getting stronger, and Materials getting stronger at the same time.

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