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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No charts

If I go through sectors right now... I know what they will say... New highs.

I'm so Buried right now, I've covered it for the past weeks. I keep taking work, and honestly... Let me just tell you all about work... ZERO RISK and you can make Money... Lots of it, if you are good at what you do. You don't even have to worry. You can sleep.... Exercise... NO Stress. You just sit and do your job, and take the money. It's a sweet deal.

Let me just talk about another idea, YOU CAN TAKE MONEY!!! and start a Business. not fuck around worried about anything but helping clients or providing a product. If you have too much product, you can fire all the people making stuff, and wait for it to sell, and hire temps to build stuff.

but I digress.

We were Head Scratching on a Top... they were excited FINALLY... But the word is "Euphoric".

I do have to say, I was very wrong about the "Fast times at Ridgemont High" Market.... But... honestly Fuck you, it was fun to write... and you can take my money... but you can't take my Joy...

You bunch of Joyless Humps out there, and your day to day.... Grinding Punting Stupidity...

So let me tell you this about the market, I think if we gap down.. I think you can still buy it.

We are still in momentum, and need to bleed it off... Once we do.... Stock by stock.. sector by sector.

So as I pondered the Excited market, and looked at the indicators.. It seems like we have to still Bleed off Momentum.

I like what I see out of the dollar and treasuries, for a turn. but again... It may take a few days... and we can think about it then. Like I said, if there are down bars....and a series of them, we can chase them then. But after we see the Momentum go on the Wain.

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