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Thursday, August 11, 2011

fade eric bounce

well we got the fade eric bounce today....

I should have thought of that. I still say we get the retest, we can see if there is much more bounce in the market tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

so I suck....

I can't get a chart going right now... I'm just totally out of practice.

Tony E-mailed me, asked if monday we had a bottom. I said... "it doesn't feel like "we are going to crash" sentiment, there is still some optimisum. We had a nice run... everyone got very excited... and we rolled back over.

This bounce sort of felt wave 4 to me. feels like a move to 1050 on the spx is in the cards. I nice little bear trap below there would sort of feel "Right" some kind of "look out below!!!

tony asked about my indicator and how I read it... if 10 is euphoria. well we are now at a 2 or a 3. futures are up fairly significantly... I just think that like I say "futures are sentiment" that is not exactly "Negative".

I'm keeping an eye on it... I just think the market will have to test on a quarterly basis that 1050 level. or somewhere in there. It just seems silly not to try.

bla bla bla ... central banks .... Default..... what we need is a nice MEME.

of course "slow growth and a sideways economy" .... well we knew that....

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