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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


no chart...

yesterday, felt like a solid chance of a "Technical trap" where what we see as technicals break down, and it sucks the last sellers in.

from what I read on tv... it doesn't feel like a very good washout. but....
futures are up 8

Monday, May 24, 2010

futures are down 13

the close didn't look good, nor the pattern... sorry no chart...

You still have to give it the benefit of the doubt, sentiment is grim!

but the chart does not look hopeful it looked like a fast flag... and a bad one.

who knows what the futures will bring in the morning.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


we will see, Futures were up huge on friday... now they are down 3...

I'm not going to show a chart... but I'm still cautious.... but looking for a bounce... but if it doesn't materialize.. I'm not going to sweat it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No chart

sounds like I"m going to have to watch cnbc for a few days....

would you believe, I'd rather lose money!...

Friday, May 14, 2010

hey Charts

The target here was/is about where we are trading in the futures.

So, it's these ranges... for all the "Crash Talk" realize how, we just puked up... a little bit of gains. from the past months. Either we are accepting or rejecting these price levels. Geee that is No fucking help as a statement. But for all the traders from October until now to get flushed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Innocent until proven guilty

It is what it is... sentiment... is positive... but I'm too busy to sit around and watch CNBC.

No chart


too much going on...

seems like make or break... we are in a bit of a range in the 30 minute bars... and we break one way or the other.

seems like down... The question is... is it a larger consolidation?

I honestly think we need another leg down.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some thoughts

I still have to stick with "I don't know."...

I have to stick with what I said before the "Crash of 2:45" Tshirts shilled by the stocktwits Assholes.

That there was a bounce coming. I don't know how that changed the outlook. If we had hit the Feb low next week, I would have said, we have some kind of Multi week bounce.....

it's a hard read.

but... it was untradable...


Apparently there is now a "live blog" to track over at invivoanalytics.

I told tony "Wait for Teresa Blog" 6.0. It had been to long without a change. Time for something new.

So I have the blog,
the comments from the blog,
the Twitter feed,
and now the live blog.

4 ways to get the info...

I'm sure there is no way to miss anything now!!!

The market... I haven't posted, about Thursday. That was just crazy. From the Jan highs to the Feb Lows in .... an hour? Next to impossible to trade.

Fun Fun Fun...

I just have to say... I don't know. But time is a-waisting!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

wrong about that...

feels like a bit of panic.... on the TV... I had to turn it on......

I hate watching CNBC.... all these people are Black Holes of emotional.... Uglyness.... WTF is wrong with them.... petty little.... Uch..

isn't Carl Quintinilla "On Location" on of the signs of the apocolypse

V2b test of bottom

I suspect this is the low, and we will get a bounce through monday.

This is probably the end of Overt Warning phase... after a bounce... Next up "Panic"

daily spy... Jan high

We are at a retest of the Jan high.... I'm not sure what smarty pants has on this, But we are "playing with" that jan high....

It seems logical to me, that "Somewhere" we will get a bounce.... and Maybe a bounce into Monday.. and a Manic monday... which Might be some kind of "Bear Flag"

So.,.. I'm just saying "Be ready to hedge" Today is thursday... some kind of "2 bar bear flag"...

It's just a thought. but that jan high retest, should bring in some Buyers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

reward for watching

Doug kass is fairly positive.... you have either a spike and ledge... which it falls off of.

Or a trade of last resort above the last high.(arrow)

Umn.... Just figured, i'd give you some kind of post for reading....

this is overt warning.... we will see how panic develops.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Yesterday, I woke up, and one of the programs I had to have working, completely freaked out on me. I spent all day Friday, trying to get a different program to work properly. I couldn't take another day of "Fixing Programs", and worse, it was not a problem on "my end".

So... I hit Eject, and went to the Greenhouse.
This is what it looks like.... This is just where half the vegetables are.
Now, below is my greenhouse, a week ago, my sister, who is a shit Gardner(sibling stuff here)... and seriously... I fucking Rock!
she is just trying to keep up..... Irregardless(Hat tip Sandy/Turbo.. I know it isn't a word), My sister sent me some plants, They were the ones she didn't want to transplant in her own greenhouse. I've been a slacker, and couldn't get seedlings started... Sure I rock!! but I'm super Busy!... Blogging and what not... I have a policy, I only grow things in the greenhouse, that I can't buy. So only Heirloom Tomatoes, Only special Varieties of things. It's cheaper and better for the environment, if it's done commercially. And I support local Growers.
but, beyond the Extras, my sister gave me (seriously she grew roma's and some Cherry... I asked her "what kind of cherry tomatoes", and she looked at me like I was from outer space).. BTW there is a Cherry tomato and a Grape cherry tomato. I'll bet she gave me something in between.... furthermore, Roma's are good for Canning, but not the best for sandwiches, which is what my sister wants... but she does Roma's because I do roma's for canning.....

you want some nerd stuff, the heirloom of the roma is called tomato rosa, and it's slight variations.
So, these are the sickly tomato plants she gave me.... they are in rough shape
This is post transplant, We will see how they Fair.
one thing she did was put the tomatoes and tried to grow them in Styrofoam cups. of course she doesn't have regular cups... nor could she poke holes in the bottom for drainage, so they were building up fungus, and root rot.. as well as suffocating, in the water...

Roots have to breath, if water stagnates on a plant, over the roots, the roots will actually rot and suffocate.

Here I am transplanting, and trying to get them back into shape. I didn't do a very good after picture. sometimes plants get to close together, and they grow Up, instead of out. So you have to spread them out......

All of this is prep for putting them in the ground at the end of the month, in the next 30 days, I'll probably double the number of plants in the greenhouse. What you can see, is the greenhouse at 10% capacity.... I can crank out plants... but maybe that will be something for next year.


10 day spy. there is one of those solid chances that everybody selling today, will be on the wrong side of the trade tomorrow. We could even stay in that trade channel

Monday, May 3, 2010

descending or triangle of death

I'd guess more complicated patterns.... I think trading is going to get more "Sentiment" oriented, and less technical. and we may only see "Complicated" technical patterns, one beyond your usual mouthbreather.

I would suggest more complicated than the "Descending".

So much for

My, surprise Non Manic monday.... That certainly Bit...

I wonder if the last 30 minutes will...

This is all, very odd trading, strange patterns... etc...

This may start to require 3rd order thinking.

This feels like... "The boat"... the one that moves right to left.... It feels like we are just "rocking" with little sense to it,

Everyone is on the left..... Move to the right..... everyone runs right... move left....

Repeat until you vomit.

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