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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


like it will muddle sort of maybe... the rest of the day....

we will see.... But I don't know what your punting ass will do.

Good luck with it.

seems like I throw the good trades when Ya'll arn't watching by traffic..... "Isnt' that the way"

of course... no worries, you will be chasing it tomorrow.... Right into some kind of rebound/bounce...

just like you always do.


Tony said...

OK, I was busy all day yesterday and most of today-- cleaning up loose ends from being away for a few days.

I turn on CNBC at 2:45 PM, wow, is it positive. Twitter is all about "buy the dip", mergers coming, IPO's are 'about to' heat up, the health care bill sell-off didn't happen, bonds are not a good investment anymore, the retail investors will come back....yada, yada, yada, and what do I see?

Yup. Positive Nipple Sign. Outrageous. I don't have a proprietary indicator or anything fancy like that, but for a day when the SPX is down 5, sentiment is *pegged.*

Eric said...

twitter was pegged yesterday

always hard to know "Buy the dip"

from "Somebody else buy this from me"

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