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Friday, March 5, 2010

More sentiment

I have, a couple papers saying " Stocks poised extend trend, on jobs data, consumer credit"

My local paper said this morning "It's all about Jobs", and I may get a saturday or sunday ultra bullish, "jobs data better than expected."

I have, tons of capitulation by everyone.

One of the real questions I've been trying to answer, for my own models, on this run is How high does sentiment have to get to have a turn.

On my DSI ™ indicator. we have had some 8-9s, and at this point I have to say we finally have a 9-10. I will need to look at the weekend samples, Maybe I can give a definitive 10 or the elusive 11.

Don't take this personal, Cause I don't know who you are...


Sorry about that, it's been a long week, and to add more joy to my week. I was called a terrorist today, Those of you who know me, sure you are convinced that it's true.

But the litany Ad Hominem Hyperbole, much used in our society these days, as though we are praying to our fascist gods. ... are we really moving to the age of McCarthy?

Grow the fuck up.


Tony said...

Oh, there it is. Disregard my comment on the last post (and go ahead and renew my subscription for another year.)

Eric said...

This was Funny.

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