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Thursday, March 4, 2010


I fucking hate this.....

always a good way to start a post, One of the reasons, I rationalize, not giving a shit, or not having a ton of traffic, is that I don't want it. Even worse is having some asshole Troll Like myself around. And worse, I'd have to sit around and point to useless osolators, and indicators, and throw some tea out, and try and explain it to you.
As opposed to just saying, This is where I want to try and take a risk.

To me, there are just these points, where "the risk is worth it." And it's one way or the other. But I don't have a problem being wrong.

The other thing, is It's not my job to Teach you, Nor do I feel like I have something to teach. Besides; read a ton of blogs, and see the patterns in what they think. Honestly I stick to what I see out of the swings, Let some winners roll, and kill losers. Anything dramatic happens, in my favor, Take some off.

We are not at an aggressive sell yet, but to keep it simple... you have an exhaustive move, or a completed wave count, then you have an inside day. End of the day was strong... but.....


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