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Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is what we are looking at.

Seems easy enough to play.

I have almost no chance of watching CNBC today, Kernan just started and no mention about Haiti, we are stuck in some story about some BS possible takeover. This is a great example of how isolated we get, watching CNBC.

Looks like most the damage is centered around Pourt Au Prince. The rest of the world is caught up in a real story, and cnbc is going to whine about some bullshit lie Goldman is trying to pass off.


Tony said...

In fairness, NBC has another cable affiliate that has been all-Haiti all-the-time.

Eric said...

On Morning Joe, they actually said "What a bunch of Liars. in response to the bank CEO's"

You would never hear that on CNBC, the idea that "the gods" are a lying. Most of them knew what was going to happen, which was why they purchased CDS from AIG.

They just didn't think they would get caught up in it. Hubris.

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