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Thursday, January 28, 2010

morning read

Well, I'd say all the Turds that decided to "Sell the State of the union" get to cover.

Here is what I have to say about the State of the union.

If we were playing Twenty One, Seems like we just doubled down on a 13.

There was nothing new, and trying to be objective:

  • Spending Freeze
  • Job program(we knew about this)
  • Not backing down on anything
The real questions are:

How much compromise are they willing to do, and how much will congress be able to push through.

This just feels like denial. It has to be clear to all the democrats that if you can't push health care in Massachusetts, you are fucked.

You can improve this to half, you are still talking about losing HALF the Congressional Seats.

There is no cover for sitting Congressman, no Obama shirt Tails to hide under. They will all be trying to find Populist cover, by tossing Geitner or Uncle Ben. Or for pushing a balanced budget. Of course they will cut Services, NOT corporate Welfare.

The Natural thing for all the Lizard brains is to push this thing into the DeathSpiral.

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