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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ah... Life!

I worked my ass off on MLK day, It was such a nice day. I also read about 3 chapters from "A Movable Feast". It reminded me of how nice my life used to be. I also had some nightmares about dealing with Clients, Being in business is great if it wasn't for clients.

Day 4 No CNBC, except middle of the night to check futures.

It's nice that I can catch the bottom of the Vix, and Bottom of the Treasuries, and the market wants to be range bound.

I was in full mock today with us being down 100 Points and Doug Kass saying "Tis time It's really the top". I have some muddling shorts, but again don't see any reason to add unless Either we get something technical or I can get something sentiment wise. But it would just make me giggle if the market jumps tomorrow. Seems obvious to me, that the traders will go long at the open and try and push it back to the top of the range. We will see if it works, or fails on them. Obviously the money is in the failure.

I will say that at the end of the day Doug was talking about "maybe the market can stabilize", sounds bullish for doug.

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