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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More posting

I guess I have to post this morning, For some reason I woke up to hell, which was Joe Kiernan barking in my head about China.

I can only think about my Omlette this morning, Onion and cheese, and some of my weak ass new coffee, and by weak I mean strong to anyone who doesn't desire his coffee to be able to be so corosive to eat a spoon.
We hit the 1130 level, which tony and I agreed was some kind of MARKET Support (I imagine tony will get my little joke).

My DSI(tm) indicator is still fairly positive, we have quite a few bottom calls, and there was even one blog that I love to fade, and it had about 5 rationalizations why the market wasn't going to sell off, and a bottom call. Not a person Calling top yet... Except Doug Kass.

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