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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My rant

I had the shit bored out of me, all day with the news; Democrats should make the message clear, Health Care is done, Democrats should push harder on Universal Health Care.

I said it in the beginning, The democrats should have set the republicans up to Kill Health Care, So that in the next 20 years as it blows up, They could turn and say "We tried... But the republicans don't want it. They think all the costs are malpractice, Since obviously they don't believe anybody but the richest deserve their day in court."

The Democrats Jousted at the windmill and they lost, Fucking Surprise. Now everyone wants to throw good money after bad. Of course there is no reason not to take it to a few days of filibuster, 48 hours of chip dip recipes on the senate floor, make the republicans dig in.

It's a loser, Well we tried to live up to the legacy of Ted Kennedy, but even his state didn't want the rest of country to have health care, What can we do
There is just a point where you have lost, GIVE IT UP! Sure, other things are possible, but move on. Sure maybe if they do this, or try that, then maybe something. You just have to know when to give up.

There is a political Axiom, By Thomas Pain "Lead Follow or get out of the way", Don't bullshit me and say that there is Leadership, It's not there, Accept it. There is another Axiom of the Revolutionary who wonders where the crowd is going, so that he can Lead them. Without leadership, all you have are Drunken Mobs.

Half the democratic, so called leadership are quaking in their boots, they want to do nothing and just hope that the November election turns out ok. This is most probably what they will do. The last thing they are going to do, is cut the Necks of the Insurance and banking Lobby. I guess it's obvious with my trading back ground, that the thing they NEED TO DO, is the LAST FUCKING THING THEY WILL DO.
Even Obama talks like a pussy about the "Banking Lobby", like he is powerless to stop it.

Of course in this vacuum of leadership, its the perfect petri dish for some new leadership to form. I just guess we will have to wait for it to show up.


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