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Monday, January 25, 2010


When my biography is Never written, it will be entitled "I made fun of so many, and none of them appreciated it."

I managed to get Doug Kass to block me on twitter, apparently he stays up late reading his mentions, and bitterly blocking anyone who says anything negative.
*grumble Grumble* FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!, I'll show you, you won't get my constant rain dance feed!!! Yes, when I'm wrong I say it.... Just not out loud." *Block* Block*

Of course I'm the one who is always wondering why he would let that nasty bitch Melissa Lee, Treat him like he is some kind of low level dirt bag. All in her Haze of anti-depressants, from the Hair lip Surgery.

Have some Self Esteem Doug, just accept the fact that all the dickhead Italian wanabee pornstar traders, will always hate your Jew ass, just be thankful you aren't a woman!

No worries Doug, your approval seeking will pay off some time... at one point you will be accepted as one of the gang! and not the sad 4 eyed weakling that the big kids used to make eat mud.

(see the racism is a joke, and yet very true. Wall street is still stuck in the 40's), Don't worry no less than 20 years ago, they moved on from the 1930's. So progress is progress.

See why I'm so popular.


Tony said...


I think your veiled-bigoted references to nationality are directly related to how much money you made that day... but I could be wrong.

Jew ass? Why not go after his nose?

BTW, Italians make lousy pornstars; they have too much olive oil in their hair and they always smell like garlic, which is a turn-off for the sluts.

You're a funny guy.

Tony said...

BTW, I changed my picture to The Big Hurt when we broke below 1100.

Eric said...

There are just so many picutres, The twitter, the twitter background, the Blogger... etc..

the tony picture indicator is not very reliable... proly cause you are lazy... or tired.

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