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Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama to Massachusetts

Thank god! Whoever this woman is who is running in Massachusetts, who walked in, feeling entitled to the senate. Strangely voters didn't like it, and the TeaBaggers are energized, and the democrats are exhausted and ready to let heathcare fail.

Everyone knows that there is a huge giveaway to the insurance companies, who only advertise when there is a public option. and stop when the option is gone. I'm no Genius, but I suspect that that means that the insurance companies love the package as long as there is no public option.

Obama was scared to go up there. 'Well what if we Fail' and i'll be seen as a paper tiger. Well President Obama, if you go up there and work with them to get out the vote. I hate to tell you this but you WILL BE A PAPER TIGER!... and it is time for come to Jesus before November 2010 and 2012. It's probably better to find it out NOW than later!. Losing now, would be a saving grace for the following elections.

If she does lose, and you Jam the Healthcare legislation through, before the Republican takes office. Then you will look even worse.

And if these things happen... GUESS WHAT! YOU ARE FUCKING UP!

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