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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doug Kass

Lookin' For a Correction in a Market on Steroids
When things look too good to be true (read: the markets persistently rise), they usually are.
Keep New: Posted on: Tue, Jan 12 2010 6:02 AM

Not fooled for long.


Tony said...

WTF. Sounds like 180 degree turn. I don't subscribe to realmoney so I don't know the context, but

Heck, I could write a column saying whne the market's up "bears are hurtin'"

and when the market's down "we were too optimistic"

Is his advice actionable or insightful at all?

Eric said...

He just gets caught up in the sentiment.

Every good reversal we have had, he capitulated right at the top. it's a 7-8 Standard Deviation Event

Tony said...

The DSI (tm) must give his sentiment a 4X inverse weighting...

... and notice his name doesn't end in a vowel.

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