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Monday, January 11, 2010

God Damn Tony

.... Son of a BITCH! I had Perfect "Top that nobody is ready for", with my sentiment indicator(DSI(tm)) reading Perfect 0/32 all Bulls.

Until that god damn Tony FUCKED IT UP.


Tony said...

1/33 ain't bad.


Tony said...

tagged 1147 over night and now coming back. nice call. what's your target? the 5-20?

Eric said...

How about the 20DMA

The 5-20 is a first target, which is a gap fade.

Eric said...

the 60-20 would make a good overall target. be a nice ABC correction.

Oh... you are back to MJ!

Tony said...

20-ema on the daily, 1120??? Yikes.

Geez, I thought this was the New Bull Market-- didn't you get the memo?

Eric said...

1125... I know, that is what I hear...

Yipee The Moon or bust.

You remember the old Trading with TK thing, regardless of the friday action, the thing is that it takes them at least 1 trading session to react to things. I'd think the nfp would get them to sit on their hands for a few sessions.

Tony said...

Yeah, I forgot about TK.

I scalped a little es_f short before hours, so I'm just in watch mode this am. The TLo system is not really triggering this am-- I think she would be looking for a long scalp here.

1125 would be nice for my SRS... I'm back to cost basis now.

Tony said...

The brutal thing would be for a bounce off the 5-20 and a run to new highs.

But this is prolly a delayed reaction like you said.

Eric said...

it's technology lagging.

transports leading, based on that chinese export meme.

I recieved the memo "new bull market" and "To the moon" about 14 times over the weekend.

seems clear to me.

Tony said...

SMH is at the Holy Grail short entry 5-20 with adx 35, if you're a believer..

Tony said...

Also, the third push of a 3-push down.

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