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Sunday, January 17, 2010


On Friday I was joking with Tony. I was listening to MSNBC, and Doctor Nancy was saying that they needed Trauma Surgeons. I realized that the reason that they were needed was to cut off trapped limbs and free people. People who probably wouldn't survive because there are no facilities to give post operative Care. Few antibiotics, No blood.... etc

So, I was joking with him about how he was headed down there(since he is not a trauma surgeon). I have some Search and Rescue skills, and I know it's hard to not try to run down there, And then the futile feeling of Texting or donating money, and the powerless feeling of it.

When I joked about it, the nice thing ,was that there was that feeling that he had to justify, Not going down, even though it was obvious.

That is the great thing, that we feel like we should be down there, digging through the rocks. No matter how useless we would be, the idea that we all should be pitching in and giving a hand.

It's a hopeful sign of humanity.

then juxtapose that with the weekly wall street nonsense, and the Banker testimony.

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