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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moron Bartaromo

Maria Bartiromo or Maria the Moron, was on MSNBC Morning Joe this morning, I thought I had escaped the Idiot Box by not watching CNBC. Nope, Apparently in her shrill whine of a voice, "WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY IN WASHINGTON.... DOESN'T EVERYONE KNOW

IT'S ALL BARNY FRANK'S FAULT. " Her Shrillness Cackles.

Apparently, according to maria he is the most powerful man in Washington for the past 30 years, obviously all the fault falls on his shoulders.... RIGHT? ONE FUCKING PERSON CAUSED ALL OF THIS...

Where is the accountability... Ya, it went down the rabbit hole with your brain. As Yet another CNBC moron plays the blame game. all of this coming from the people who brought you the "John McCain Rally" and other such NONSENSE.... NO SHE ISN"T PLAYING THE BLAME GAME TO KEEP THE HEAT OFF THE REAL SHILLS: REPUBLICANS, WALLSTREETERS, AND BANKERS!

What the hell is wrong with these people. Oh! I forget, they are day in day out brainwashed by the Moronic Wall street bullshit.

Healthcare stocks LOVE the Healthcare bill.
Healthcare stocks Love that the bill has failed.

Intelectuall continuity has never been their strong point, I mean... Yesterdays MEME... Well it was So yesterday!. It's what you get for having a longer memory than a Mosquito.

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