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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cramer is so stupid

CNBC is just painful.

cramer "there is no better way to get re-elected that to stick it to the bankers." re: hearings today. I hate to point it out to the the braintrust, but that committee is not ELECTED. That is an appointed commission, of non legislators.

but whatever blows his wad.

here is why I've stopped posting trades, The problem was I have to sit and talk about the market all fucking day. I also don't remember what I've said.
We talked about the 1130 point and then what you needed was an upswing and to keep it simple the upswing needs to fail to make a new high.
Bla Bla Bla Resistance support at xyz level, because it could be a false breakout and you have a bunch of people with their fingers crossed "Oh Please pay! oh Please".... the market could fail, or stall... or run.. and it could sit here until tomorrow's bell.

but Keep it simple.. upswing, and you want to see it resolve. Which doesn't mean that even more of the market hasn't topped, and we are just waiting for rotations out over the next few days.

side note:
and the massive amount of people feeding their ego, by deciding what a great humanitarian the;y are by Twittering and re Twittering the magic text number to donate $10 to haiti...

get on a plane and do something.. sitting on your piehole Texting and Twittering, is the same thing you did yesterday, not some great humanitarian effort.

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