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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Indicator

One of the sentiment indicators, I track. is when the people on the losing side of the trade, The Bears of late. Pull out the PPT, and the Black Helocopters.

Here is something from Zero Hedge.

It's just your usual PPT post, about market manipulation.

I also want to point out the Zero Hedge, is stupid. Since Fight Club is about Dischordia, and You are Fucking High as SHIT! if you think that anyone actively involved in the stock market. I'm a little "Off the Range" here, because I absolutely take issue with the Wikipedia entry on Dischordia, In fact... in a twist of Un-Irony, That the Wiki-Entry on Dischordia, is in fact the Antithisis of Dischordia, IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF DISCHORDIA!

On the downside trend in the market, it's the same thing as when the Bulls start talking about Naked shorting... Bla bla bla "When is the SEC going to do something about this"

So, overall, I think there is some exhaustion in front of the NFP, all the money that is going to be put to work in front of the number has been put to work.
Then the number will come out, and we will see.

I have an upside target of 1145 for gold

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