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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some stuff

Sentiment the "DSM(tm)", I have Green for a Reversal, on numerous levels.

Technically, sectors have started to roll over... Targets hit. Leadership starting to crack.

Certainly "Stock by stock" Sector by sector. I hope to do my own accounting of sectors and leadership.

I suggested that we were in that "Void", That period where our eyes fill with Blood, and we just can't quite figure out what the hell is going on. Which is the "We have all Lost it", and are within 5 days of the reversal.

Looking around, I see quite a few people talking "Going to the moon" and bull market... never pull back, the same people calling the reversal last weekend.

I mean, Stock by stock, and sector by sector, but what is odd is this usually ends on a "Weak Dollar MEME", which would suggest that the dollar will collapse until the actual reversal. But I'm not sure that that will happen this time. Seems like we are in a "Wave B" of a correction in gold and the dollar, and I suspect that the B wave is over. and it's ready for wave C. I'm not "Sure", but it feels right.

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