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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

These had me on the floor


Tony said...

Is that from the Care Bears' Tiger Woods collection?

Eric said...

It was the Toy-Yoda, and the picture... WhoTheFuck took the photo.

and I bet she is/was Screaming mad! I suspect it's old

Eric said...

I think she has a little Herpies on her lip too.

Nice way to build employee loyalty; Humiliate them. I bet someone had an MBA

Tony said...

lol. The picture is priceless. Do you really think Hooters hires MBA's? The ones that Goldman doesn't want?

My guess is the idea belongs to the franchise manager who took a marketing class at the local Community College.

Eric said...

Had to be the owner.

There are no shortage of MBA's my friend, just a shortage of Hooter's to manage.

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