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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Redux...WTF do I say shit like that...

I think Redux was added to my working vocabulary because of The Matrix Movies, which I only saw the first of, and half of the second before I decided I had better shit to do.

Redux of the Death Spiral.

There is a new poll which has the Lunatic fringe of the Mouth Breathers(Dick Armey, who has a Jr. 5th Grade level eduction in the American Revolution, Which is better than those with what seems like a 5 year old's understanding."no Taxation Without... Tea lets throw things that are Taxed.")

But the second part of our Death spiral, as we are caught in our own tragic game theory between fiscal responsibility(How if we just kill a few wars), and doing what we need to do to get the economy going.

Let me also add that one of the things the Utopian Philosopher King Adam Smith, suggested got in the way of Prosperity, is Government Corruption.

But It's a Victory lap, I won't go on; being right about this(so far), Since it's depressing as hell.

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