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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Semiconductors for Prosperity! any idea what the P/E of the SMH.


Tony said...

Trailing PE is 27 according to yahoo. SMH is 23% INTC which has a fwd PE of 13.7 and 20% TXN which has a fwd PE of 15.

Their trailing PE's are 48 and 35 respectively, so there is a lot of growth factored into the sector.

Eric said...

My hint(like I know anything), is that we keep rotating into one thing or another. They can't find leadership. Things are very disorderly. We get a bounce and I look at what is trying to run... and it's Energy... or Materials... and i'm like "Well that won't work"

so the fall back is SMH and it is so overvalued... then some stuff will Spike on short covering, and it will be volatile, but not "leadership"

I shit you not, there is a new normal comming, too many people caught into Wallstreet, thinking "Well We got ours, Fuck you" they don't realize they are more Tail than dog.

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