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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shuck and Jive....

I'm not sure if when I say this, if it's racist... it referes to when a slave defers to the whims of the master... I guess the master being the whims of the master.

or that the Bears just keep the raindance going and try and pretend they aren't wrong.

So, New highs on the week, On monday I suggested that the market had to turn on monday or the bears were Fucked. My rule of thumb says that holds true.... still just a rule of thumb.

I just think that the probability is much higher for a sell off after Jan 1 at this point... when we will have what could be the most widely called top in market history.

and the way I think, that means it has to happen either before or after.... which is why I've started suggesting Feb.. or maybe a mid Jan options expiration top..

Like I said the sentiment is here for a solid top, I'm not sure they are "Enthusiastic" but a nice 200 pt move would get them there. I'm just keeping an eye on it, and ...

I suggested that what we needed was to see the market end down 50 on the day.

I'm neutral at this point.... Other than that I'm just doing the Gleason Soft shoe:

I'm just not going to waist everyone's time with "Tut Tut Looks like rain"Christopher Robin Pooh Bear

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