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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Range Trade

All the Traders are Wet about the Range. I want to point out that in the model you get a range trade before Aversion.... But that is beside the point.

So, If all the traders have those levels in their sights... you know it will work out well, trading the "Breakout" either way.

I guess the saving grace would be that it's not like I've heard about the range from CNBC, so that is something.

But I wanted to point that MEME out to readers.

Side note.
I also was watching "The Doctor" and they had Characters called "Adherents of the Repeated meme."
But since a MEME is just and idea, and they manifest themselves by being repeated And don't actually exist. But here is a picture. But as pictured the MEME Was: "A gift of peace in all good faith"

Do you think an american audience would get that.. No, we are busy with Pat Buchanan having a hissy fit today saying "We are all in it for ourselves", Which is of course true here.... But reflect "How is that working for us?"

but don't doubt, Most people are in it for themselves.

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