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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Christmas Sell off

Seems like it's arrived. I wonder where it's going?

We are close to the "Range bound" that they all talk about.


Tony said...

Just finishing wave 2... ?

Wave 3 to come. Quad witching making it look a little sloppy.

Eric said...

You want to hear fucked up

SPY shows wave 3
spx shows bounce.

They are all hoping for mutual fund monday.

they will hold out hope for a Christmas Rally Until the week between xmas and new years.

they are very complacent, filled with Hubris and Generaly ready to take one in the Nuts.

but we could bounce, on the Mutual fund monday MEME.

the way to fade that is that they will look for Bagholders on monday, be ready to be on the other side.

I guess ;) Only 8 more days

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