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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Grumble grumble

I was thinking the other day;

The Cost effective thing for Us to do is this;

  • Allow age discrimination, because of healthcare and lay off everyone 50 and over, unless you Really Need them.
  • This will Force the baby-boomers to spend their remaining retirement cash on healthcare until they are 65.
  • Fortunately, they won't be able to afford it. Then they can just Die! Heart Attacks, or whatever, Before they hit 65

But now... well now, instead of either costing the insurance companies money... or the better option"Them to Fucking Die!" like the Freeloaders on our society that they are.

We can put them on the Public Tab, So I can not only pay for My insurance, and all the fat asses and people eating at fudruckers 5 days a week, and drinking 2 gallons of soda a day. I can also pay more in taxes.

And I have no doubt that, even though we may get some people in their 50's off my insurance pool.... THERE IS ZERO chance my Premiums will go down, Which of course I'm mandated to pay for now, and there is limited chance that the insurance will actually cover an illness.

I will say it again, the best thing would have been to let the Republicans destroy the plan, and walk away and blame them for every healthcare problem until there was a 75 member majority in the senate.

BTW.. Most of this is a Tongue firmly in cheek Joke.

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