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J. P. Morgan

"Sell down to your sleeping point"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I was doing some reading

Apparently from what I read "The Plan" is for "Everybody to sell" the Christmas rally stocks on next Monday!

Just letting everybody in on the plan everybody has.... just so that everybody knows...

either you sell them christmas eve close or the next trading day

after Christmas.


Tony said...

James Altucher was just on saying that all the short sellers will be covering next week for tax losses... we just keep rallying, I suppose.
(his name doesn't end with a vowel, so what does he know.)

Eric said...

the good old Jan 1 sell.

Tony said...

Are your moccasins snow-proof?

Tony said...

AMZN has a bearish doji and flag going on daily. Went up on the Snowmageddon trade since "everyone" will be shopping on-line. Ri-i-i-ght.

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