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Monday, December 21, 2009

My call

Ugh... I don't want to write this...

The question I have is that, I'm not sure we "Orgazumed", I'm trying to pretend it's the holidays and catch up on my reading and contemplate the significance of "Doctor Who".

I will say that on the trade of last resort, there isn't going to be that much short covering, which makes me think that it will take more downside with a reversal, to generate any form of " SuperSpike" or blow off top...Money shot... big finish... whatever the porn industry calls it.

The good indicator is that Many people "see the signs" in the market tea leaves, and in front of the Santa Rally MEME refuse to step against the market. To me, this is a bearish indicator.

So, all I can say is I'd be Sell Biased. I'm not sure if that is; "At the open", "Midday", "end of the Week" or "After the Hollidays".

I will say, that I think there is a Solid chance >60% that we have seen the highs for the year, Which doesn't get you anywhere because there are only about 12 trading days left, and 60% is a bullshit hedge from my end.

Alright enough "Opening Bell" back to doctor Who.

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