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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

spx 1400

Talking head talking about how the bagholders are at 1300-1400 spx range.

Looks like the insurance companies have negotiated with the congress to get an even bigger win. Even more of the sickest on the public system, and the Healthy on the private system.

I'm still waiting for the "If you are sick, you are on the Public system." and "if you are healthy you get private insurance."

but we are very close.


Tony said...

and more lower middle class on Medicaid. So, doctors get the shaft, too.

Medicaid is the biggest ruse in economics.

Eric said...

The whole middle class is the lower middle class.

So we have that going for us!

No worries, pulling these people off the private insurance rolls wont mean lower costs for insurance, it will mean higher taxes and better insurance profits.

Tony said...

Bingo. But remember that this has been an ongoing trend for at least 20 years. You are just noticing it now... and the public ("they") have no clue. The sicker and poorer go on the "public plan" (Medicare and Medicaid) while everyone gives 20% of their premium to the private insurers.

But anyone involved in health care delivery has seen the trend in stark relief for years. Why do you think the AMA is behind reform this time around (but not in 1993)? Answer: the system is completely broken.

The master stroke from the Republicans is that they can now blame Obama for this disaster because he dared to 'try' to fix it. The GOP just let it fester and fought the incremental reforms that were needed along the way.

Eric said...

Hey... I'm irish, we don't go to the doctor.

I noticed when my health insurance was more than, car insurance.... and my car doesn't fix itself like my body does.

and over the years, my health claims have been much lower than car claims.

and the deductibles, which mean not only have I payed way more than I've ever claimed, but even when there is a claim, I pay more out of pocket than the insurance company.

Tony said...

Exactly, but you WILL have health cost eventually, but by then (hopefully) you'll me Medicare-age. So after 40 years of paying premiums to BCBS or some other insurance company and requiring no health care, the lion's share of costs will be borne by Medicare.

That's how it works for most of us. (except women and pregnancy).

BTW, my monopoly money account is back to even after catching both swings this am.

Eric said...

I'd rather give my money to the government, then maybe the people go give me the healthcare when I need it , will be the ones I paid money too in the first place.

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