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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Confessions of an innocent man.

"I refuse to acknowledge this court, deriving, as it does, it's legitimacy from the teaching and precepts of a false prophet and false god; and deriving as it does its authority from a country and culture that is politically corrupt, socially regressive, morally bankrupt, and genetically degenerate."

William Sampson
An Ex-Patriot living in Saudi Arabia, gets thrown in a Saudi Prison in order to hide the fact that the Saudi Government has it's own Revolution going on, and terrorists fighting against the house of Saud. I'm not sure one can argue that the House of Saud is one of the most corrupt and Vial countries in the Middle east.

The other section of the movie is basically how in bed with the Saudis the western governments are. Who still won't Acknowledge that the Saudis have Tortured Raped and Falsely Imprisoned Western Civilians. Furthermore, the Saudis have then used those people they Kidnapped to Trade for some of the Prisoners at GITMO. Where is Glenn Beck on this one? The Saudis Traded Innocent Civilians that they Kidnapped, for Their own CRIMINALS OUT OF GITMO.

I imagine the Saudis just Laugh at us, Barbarous Feudal lords who rule over their people with an Iron Fist. Just Laugh at our hypocrisy to our own Ideals, and like he said they are absolutely morally Bankrupt.

I'm not getting into any of that 9/11 conspiracy shit, But I would suggest that we picked up some very important people to the Saudis. I guess there is also the possibility that the U.S. and U.K. Snatched up some Suspicious Saudis, to trade for these guys.

I do want to throw in a note to William Sanderson, and what a Brave Guy he is. He spent 3 years throwing shit at his captors. Some say Crazy, I'd say that is just about the most rational thing you could do in that situation. That or give up. But one is the road less Traveled.

I just went through the DVD, I'm tempted to read the book.

Here are some video clips


Tony said...

Maybe the first question should be, what the heck is an ex-pat doing in Saudi Arabia?

If you have been on this planet for the last 20 years you should know that these guys are corrupt. They are all buddies with the Bushes, after all.

OK, mayvbe the saudis are no more vile than any other theocracy in the Middle east or Asia; that's like saying my last turd smells no better than the three I laid yesterday.

This should all be used by the Climate Change enthusiasts to world to eschew carbon fuels-- bankrupting the Saudi govt would be the best thing that could happen to it-- better for us and certainly better for the Saudi people.

Tony said...

should be "convince the world"

Eric said...

He was working there.

It's hard to find a more fucked up place. Money Pluss "socially regressive, morally bankrupt, and genetically degenerate."

That was a good line, and to say it to people who had just put you to death. That is one brave guy.

Eric said...

Seems like a sold tax on oil to pay for all the new security, and for the war and a nice pension for the wives of the dead... and the healthcare.

That would end this nightmare.

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