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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Good Sunday

Yipeeee!!!! we are now through the second of the three worst holidays of the year, the days are getting longer. In another week we will be through the Third.

I threw out a target, I'm feeling super lazy, There are 2 other targets as I can see. I'm not going to post them.

On the sentiment front, quite a few people have become more bearish in the past week as we warm up for the Most Widely called top Ever, Of course tons of them called a pullback last Jan and were right. This was similar to one of the midsummer pullback sentiments. When everybody and their dog was on a small pullback

To be direct; we are more bearish sentiment wise than last week, and I HATE HOLIDAY RALLIES, everything gets weird IMO. Even though my general call is that the technicals are the technicals, and stick to them.

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