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Friday, November 20, 2009

weekly ta

oh.... the joy... "markets continue to consolidate..."

oh the sentiment.

So, I was scheduled for a lunch today. I get the joy of giving someone investment advice for an hour. I of course bombed this person with 6 pages of all the bad news. Then of course they are all "I was just feeling good, I don't want to hear about all of that"... Then of course when things are Grimm... "the market, I don't want to hear about that, it's a horror show"...

They only universal constant is that they only want to invest when things look good. and won't even want to talk about it when it's grim.

But... will he pay for lunch... or do I just get the joy of talking about investments for 2 hours for my enjoyment cause I live to ... sit and read this crap for 70 hours a week, then have a nice lunch talking about it.


Tony said...

Good luck with your lunch. Just tell him/her:

1. If you're confident in the stock market, then go with a balanced fund: FBALX.

2. If you're not confident in the market / economy, then go to cash.

Give them purchase in the decision-making process.

Tony said...

A 5% pb puts us at November 1 levels.

Eric said...

sorry, i'm distracted... or want to be in bed this morning.

after all that, they canceled... they are busy. Now I'll cancel on them for 30 days or so..

You think you are busy...!!!

well 5% and we will get some kind of bounce, what is that... End of the day? or monday close?

Eric said...

this is wave B...

I I'm interested in wave c...

so as far as I'm concerned,

wave c or I go out flat.

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