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Thursday, November 19, 2009

a chart

Symmetrical Triangle... PLEASE!!!!! *eye roll* I'd explain it but....when did I become your Mr. Miagie! I'd talk about this chart The only think I actually want to say, is JESUS!! I haven't seen us that Bullish in 2 years! I ran some wave counts on Monday and said "we were out, and at best one more." Then I said some useful stuff then on Tuesday I said more." then on Wed I made a very solid call in the morning... Called the afternoon bounce... and took a nap.


Tony said...

Descending triangle resolved down. TK would be proud (wonder where he is?)

Odds are we open up in AM, Friday sell-off then?

Dollar relative weakness has me puzzled. With a correction, there should a rush to safety coming up.

Eric said...

ugh... tough call...

friday is covering day.

I'd think... Maybe if I'm lucky we will get a rally on friday at the close to sell into.

but John is watching the 1090 level I guess... I guess it's a lower low, on 65minute swings...

but maybe a lower open and they sell and puke into it, then it rallies back to flat or something at the end of day.

I agree best odds would be a positive open after this sell off.

I'd just keep looking for Vic2b's to sell into.

I just think they want their Coupling with the dollar back.

it's tough, I don't have a clear read...

and I'm tired...

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