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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some rant

So.... One problem I have with the blog is that..... I fucking hate you... ok, probably not you, but it's the random Hump that steals my charts and my market read, Then monitizes it for themselves. It's classic Dickhead Finance guy behavior. Objectivism at it's finest, and fuck you and your narsicistic ways, since there are those that believe in trying to help the Tribe, and those assholes who Steal from the Tribe, trying to generate their own wealth.

I'm basically pissed off you do nothing for the tribe! Which is why I try and Be Vague. If you "kind of Know me" and arn't some random hump... IE you are one of T-Lo's Tribe.... I don't mind.

but unfortunately, I can't sit here and give out trade setups and talk specifics about where the market is going... ETC...

I've done that for the past Week, Mostly for Tony's Bennifit. But I also E-mail him and try and give specifics.

The problem is that it's a Waist of my time. That and I get some of my Setups from T-Lo. so it's also unfair to her... But of course since most of you can't see or understand the setups... and need it spelled out for you.... My days are long and to spend an hour working up a Clear post.... just for the Celebrity of it..... Just isn't me.....

Since I fucking hate you, and you can't fucking Trade...

But probably not you!

So, I try not to be specific... and when I talk about sentiment... and I'm just talking about sentiment.

For the most part, I just look at the charts and talk about them.

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