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Friday, November 13, 2009


There is a Barrons story about if 3com and HP can stop Cisco....


I love you Traders/Investors..... Sure it is a great MEME... and sure It will probably grow....


3com is... ok last I knew they were 50 employees, and all their crap is outsourced in china. The only thing they built were Switches.... OK Some of the Best Switches Ever Made. They made a great network card. and they built PALM...


They are just lucky they aren't bankrupt, and have almost no ability to build no products... with such a small staff, there aren't any engineers, and any decent ones are long gone.

but somehow.. HP... which is a Glorified DELL... which is a PC company... Ya... HP is the best of the Desktops... big fucking eye roll there. and you merge a company that has made the same switch for 12 years...

and out of all this YOU FUCKING MORONS think you can get a Router out of it. 3com tried to move into other markets... and they were so fucking bad at it. I purchased some equipment from them once... I SPENT 6 months Debugging it... and it never worked right... 3com just apologised and sort of Begged that I didn't tell anybody that their product didn't actually work.... after bullshiting me for 6 months...

BUT YA!!! some Engineer is going to set their Backbone on that SHIT!!!!!!


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